Ferret proofing

As a ferret owner this is a great concern of mine.

In my Preston flat, the fuzzies roamed free. It was a purpose-built, self-contained apartment and as I had prepared for my two bitey bundles of joy to arrive for months I’d had plenty of time to ferret-proof. Reading all about how to ferret-proof and listening to stories of other owners is vital prior to bringing your precocious pets home.

I moved to my Nottingham home and it’s a huge house which has been converted into beautiful flats. I was 2 weeks before Ruby found an escape route. They’d both figured out how to shove the kick boards under the kitchen units out of the way and would fall asleep under the oven. It was only when my neighbour informed me that he’d found a ferret in his kitchen, caught it and put it outside that I realised there was a very small hole between the two flats.

A traumatic hour and a half search for her (if a ferret gets out it’s unlikely they’ll be found… especially if they’re as spoilt as my two!) means I now have to stand guard at the kitchen whenever they’re loose and have stuffed an ikea bag in the hole so I can at least have the crinkling warning prior to a break out. As I have no door to the kitchen I need to investigate a ferret proof childgate…

The general idea is to get down on your hands and knees and look for any inviting hole or dark space. Especially under things (like sofas and units), in particular nice and warm fridges and freezers (fuzzies think these make great sleeping places). They’re clever little buggers and will work out how to get up onto things by climbing and jumping, make sure your plants, flowers, glasses and other breakables are well out of reach. They can figure out how to open cupboards too.

Read the ferretproofing 101 for more info… Ignore it at your peril!

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