Barcamp Blackpool is Rocking!

Due to the fantastic advertising work by the people on our google group we’ve taken the decision to release a further 80 tickets! Up to now we have allocated 114 tickets. Which in a week and a half is fantastic!! I really believe we can allocate all 200.

The great thing about getting the attendees signing up so early is that it’s been much easier to find sponsorship. We’ve covered everything but the evening meal and entertainment so far. Which is fantastic!

It’s been a lot easier to get the event organised this year down to 3 main factors:

* There was a great buzz from the first #bcblackpool.
* Sponsors and attendees can see it was a success and what it was all about
* We improved the website during one of the sessions
* We have a fantastic bunch of people signed up on the google group who want to get involved, and have!
* We set the date early, didn’t have to find a venue (we secured the pleasure beach again as it was so good!)
* We started ticket allocation and all the buzz that goes with it 3 months before the event rather than one
* We starte allocating tickets with no sponsors secured.
* We had a list of great sponsors from last year who all wanted to get involved again!
* We’re putting all the sponsorship and invoicing through a registered company so sponsors can claim the VAT back.

Lessons learned. We’re demonstrating that right there.

Many thanks to the fantastic community support. Love you guys.

What did you think?

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