Roller derby

I know you’re going to say the same thing as me when you hear about this… “How the hell did I not know about this earlier?!”

Roller derby is basically two teams of 5 girls on roller skates. There’s one on each team trying to get around the track and it’s the job of the other girls to prevent this happening. The girls are dressed up in fishnets and shorts with padding, helmets and gum shields. It’s awesome.

So I moved to Nottingham and found they had a team. I *had* to join. I only had inlines and loved my first session but was unable to do all the moves. Plus you can only do roller derby in Quads.

I ordered some new skates about a month and a half ago and due to a series of mishaps. My new skates finally arrived today. Cannot wait to apply for membership at my second session tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Roller derby

  1. Cool. But you can’t roller derby without a hardnut psychobitch pseudonym. It’s the roller derby law.

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