GeekUp Nottingham

updated with a few more details about the event.

I first got into the Geek community by attending GeekUp Manchester about 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. I went with my colleague Dave to listen to a couple of talks and have a good natter with some like-minded people. I got involved in the mailing list, attended a few NWRUG’s (even spoke at one!) and eventually decided there were enough interested people around Preston who would appreciate a GeekUp starting there. GeekUp’s have sprung up all over the North, with regular meetings in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Chester, Liverpool, Lancaster and Preston.

I had a huge amount of fun organising and running GeekUp Preston, the first meeting was at my flat. We had hotpot and cake, with myself taking about “AGILE for Mission Critical systems” and @fearoffish talking about how to make a Ruby Gem (not me, the packaging system for Ruby). Oh the hilarity as Preston GeekUp became quickly known for heckling. Poor Jamie got heckled via twitter by @andrewdisley. We managed a few more months of talks, but we quickly found that the attendees preferred a good natter. Especially as there were only 10-15 of us, it worked really well. Other GeekUps like Leeds and Sheffield still hold regular, and very successful, talks.

As I have now moved to Nottingham, I had to pass the baton of GeekUp Preston on to @jedw and have decided it’s time to move GeekUp a little further South, and so I introduce to you: GeekUp Nottingham!

When: Monday 2nd August 6:30pm

Where: Upstairs at Dogma
What: General geekery and beer. GeekUp is a community of web designers, developers, creatives and other tech-minded folk from the UK. It’s a grassroots knowledge sharing and networking social for folks involved or interested in the web and technology industry.
We’re very lucky to have Peter Cooper (Author of “Beginning Ruby” speaking for us:
Ignoring Common Sense: The Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice and Other Technical Flights of Fancy
Get permission to abandon common sense through a look at flights of fancy and “failures” of common sense in the worlds of engineering, computer science, and fashion.

Our other speaker, Dominic from Nottinghack ( will be talking about:
Nottinghack – a Hackspace for Nottingham
An overview of the hardware hacker and maker movement in the UK & an introduction to Hackspace Nottingham – Nottinghack.

Followed by a show and tell. So bring along something cool to share with the group, whether it’s a new shiny gizmo, IDE, code snippet or handbag! ( :

Get in touch if you want to get involved (gemma dot cameron at esendex dot com)

Sign Up:
Let us know you’re coming on our upcoming page:

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