Skating a marathon

Yesterday I skated a marathon.

Actually I skated more than a marathon as I lost count and accidentally skated an extra lap. I was about to set off on my 13th lap when my friend ran over to tell me I could stop! haha

So I skated about 29 miles in total. It was hard! Much harder than I thought it would be. I did the marathon in 3 hours and 17 mins. Quite respectable.

I’ve been doing the Wednesday Night Street Skate on my inlines and practising at NRG on my quads. I decided to try doing half the marathon in each. I started out in my quads and as I’d had no training in outdoor skating in them my ankles and legs hurt a great deal, so I managed one lap in them and had to call Lara’s sister to bring my inlines out. Finished the rest of the course in them.

It was really hard work. First couple of laps were hell.

Thanks so very much to all of you for sponsoring me. It really meant a lot and got me through. I raised £276.69 for Help for Heroes. It’s a wonderful cause and the money will be going towards helping some amazing people who have gone through much more than a simple marathon on skate.

Last few laps were hell. But I got my first medal EVER and I’m looking forward to next year where I hope to do it in quads! Oh and if you forgot to sponsor me, you still can!!!

What did you think?

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