The first GeekUp Nottingham

Here’s some interviews pre-geekup! With me, Peter Cooper and Dominic from Nottinghack:

Thanks to Phil for these

The first GeekUp was a great success. We had about 15-20 people arrive, drink beer, enjoy and engage with the speakers. The speakers were fab. I have some video of Peter Cooper talking about getting permission to ignore common sense. He was very engaging, with thought-provoking content. Definitely added a new spin onto the way I look at innovating.  Dominic from Nottinghack delivered a brilliant talk! He explained how hacking was in fact adjusting your environment to suit your needs. I really need to get myself a pink soldering iron!!!

THe show and tell went down incredibly well. We had superb audience participation and could have stayed all night with all the attendees delivering a quick presentation on something cool! We had ferrets (from me), an intro into Second Life, Phil’s journey into geekery to name a few. The show and tell was great as it showed everyone how easy it was to deliver a talk to a room full of geeks (after a few beers of course). Geeks are a great audience as they’re interested in everything as long as the person telling you about it is passionate enough about the subject to enthuse and draw the audience in.

I’m looking forward to the next GeekUp Nottingham on 6th September wehre we’re having an AGILE theme. I’ve managed to get Ashley Moran to come and give us the Ruby slant on things and am looking for someone else to possibly put a .NET spin on things. Get in touch if you want to get involved. We’ll also do another show and tell. ( :

More details and a link to the sign up here:

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