Nottingham Girl Geek Dinners

It’s one month today to the next Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner, and I’m not only helping to organise and attending, but speaking too!

It’s at the lovely Jam Café in Nottingham which has gorgeous food and booze (always a winner for me) and not only is there me doing a little TDD with a BDD slant in C#, but there’s also Julie Greensmith PhD, who researches immunology and computer security, as well as riding rollercoasters in the name of academic research!

So food, booze, geekery, rollercoaster research and fab girly company, all at the bargain price of a fiver (thanks to the very generous sponsorship from my lovely employers at Esendex thank you!!!!).

You should definitely come! If you’re a boy, all is not lost! Find yourself a girl geek and bestow her with flowers, chocolates, LEDs or arduino kits and you’re in with a chance of a date! Sorry to disappoint but I’ve already got a date!

Tickets here:

More info here:

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