Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Last night I attended my first Girl Geek Dinner in Nottingham at Jam Café organised by @kateblatherwick.

It was awesome!!!!! The venue and the staff were fabulous. The food was delectable and plentiful; I was stuffed! Fed and wined for £5 (thanks to our sponsors @esendex).

After an introduction from Geoff, our marketing director at Esendex Dr Julie Greensmith gave us a talk on what she does, aside from being a Computer Science Lecturer at Nottingham Uni, which included does research into biosensory infomation gathered from people riding rollercoasters. There’s a hell of a lot of science behind that!

After a short cake break, I was on to do my talk on Behaviour Driving Development, which actually went down rather well. ( : Certainly a talk to continue working on and improving, eventually I would like to get it to the original idea where members of the audience come up and start coding up some stories and using these to build the architecture and unit tests.

Thanks to all who came, thanks to our sponsor Esendex, the organiser @kateblatherwick, the fantastic @fragglberri for such a lovely talk, and looking after me when I was nervous and to my “date” @aplea for coming along and providing his usual moral support. ( :

What did you think?

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