Roller Derby Workout Challenge

OK gang, I want to be a lean, mean, skating MACHINE! As such I have decided to take on the Roller Derby Workout Challenge.

This starts on 9th January for 8 weeks and involves me giving up booze. For those of you who know me, two months off wine, rum and gin will be a massive challenge in itself. So I’m asking for help in making sure I stick to it!

So far I have:

Tonight is the first Nottingham Roller Girls’ practise of the year and I am itching to get started. I’m also planning on swapping out my 95 Evo wheels for my 78 kryptonics as these are much harder work to skate in and will increase my workout. Although this is as soon as I find my skate tool, or nick one off a fellow roller girl this evening.

Minimum skills test is the first practise in Feb and I plan to not only pass, but exceed each skill. After all, they are only minimum. Thankfully I’m on track to do that, or at least I was until I got the lurgy and had chrimbo off.

Will report how it goes and wish me luck on keeping off the sugar, but more importantly the booze.

6 thoughts on “Roller Derby Workout Challenge

  1. Training’s one thing, and though hard work, is satisfying and enjoyable. Two months completely off the booze sounds incredibly difficult though. Best of luck!

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