Git – Visual Studio Integration

I’ve found the following really useful on my journey using git:

It’s great to have that visual studio integration as it allows you to see which files are under version control, and their state, from within the IDE.


Solution Navigator VS2010
Solution Navigator VS2010


Tortoisegit feels really natural for me as I’m used to TortoiseSvn. It’s powerful, easy to understand and simply “works”. I found GitExtensions a bit overkill, overly complicated and flakey. Especially from within Visual Studio. It’s also worth noting you’re better learning to use git from the command line before trying to use a ui (as with any source control). The ui is just a helper, executing these commands. You’re best off knowing what “magic” it’s performing!

How to*:
  • Install TortoiseGit
  • For Visual Studio 2010, go to Tools | Extension Manager, search online gallery for Git Source Control Provider and install.
  • Go to Tools | Options (ensure “Show all settings” is checked)
  • Select Source Control in the tree view
  • Select Git Source Control Provider from the drop down list, and click OK.
  • Open your solution controlled by Git to see the files’ status.
  • Right click within solution explorer and select “Git”. TortoiseGit commands are listed in the menu.

* stolen and butchered from

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