Barcamp Sheffield

On 16th April I headed up to Sheffield to enjoy my second barcamp there. The last one had been held at the showcase cinema and my two ferrets came along.

This time the two day event was held at GIST labs building. Filled with geeks playing card games, it was pretty easy to spot and I arrived early!!!!

The turnout was pretty low, however the quality of the people attending was very high. I got the chance to meet @Yorkhannah and catch up with some old and very good friends (including @Jagusti and The Geekup Preston massive)

The majority of attendees were developers. This coupled with jag’s rule of “new content only” made this one of the most interesting and beneficial barcamps I have attended. I was spoilt for choice on the sessions and even threw a very well received session on Writing User Stories.

Its only a brief post, but a huge congrats to Jag. With no sponsorship this day focused intently on the attendees and content. People were happy to sort their own food and entertainment.

Things I’ll definitely take away from barcamp Sheffield are the intro/Ice breaker and the new content rule. Also don’t worry if there isn’t enough sponsorship!

What did you think?

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