Definition of Ready – Ken Power #xp2011

I kept wanting to give @ken_power the middle name of “The”. In my head he’s not only this epic Scrum master, but the world’s best dart thrower.

This ligtening talk is where Ken explained “ready”. Basically it’s knowing when a story is complete enough to start working on. There’s always ambiguity and not enough focus on the story at the beginning. This is something I would whole-heartedly agree on, as it’s usually when we’re turning the stories into tests that we actually digest them, question them and get them “ready”. Here’s some bullet points I took down:

Ready when:

  1. you know enough about the user story to begin the work on it
  2. what size is it?
  • useful as a synchronisation point
  • has to be ready enough so that team is confident enough that they can successfully deliver
  • don’t need it 100% tasked out
  • different for every team
  • has to be right for us as a team
  • Record and define process in a wiki
Looking back to a recent project, I asked if doing a walk through first would be beneficial and Ken approved. ( : With hindsight it would have helped our particular situation by:
  • identifying that the story was too big
  • identifying unknowns/ambiguity
  • allowing whole team to understand what tasks are involved.

Earlier on Ken tweeted a link to his slides:

What did you think?

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