Defining Done – @jlsoriat #xp2011

These were the most fabulous slides ever, if not a little distracting from the content.

As with the defining ready it’s up to each team to define done and to record it down on the wiki.

@jlsoriat used examples of cooking and painting, where we all know when they’re “done” but he defined them. For example:
cooking: animal stopped bleeding, nice smell, timer has finished, food is out of oven
painting: clothes don’t change colour when you lean on the walls

Can we use these examples to define done for us?

Get everyone to agree and buy in, that way the stakeholders know what to expect and don’t get confused.

It’s a checklist that can be flexible and can change determined on environment.

Now you know.

Team agrees the list and has the last say, but the stakeholders have to agree to it and understand the list.

Revise the list each time you work through the process to improve, add, streamline. REFACTOR!

And finally remember: you’re not an “almighty team” – there is always a problem.

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