My thoughts on #xp2011

A few weeks on I have had time to reflect on my trip to #xp2011. I must say it was extremely rewarding and I learned a lot that I have already used in my current work as well as affirming the way I’m doing things is right, and then throwing that all back in my face and making me question it again.

It’s another great perk of working for @esendex: you get to choose a conference for them to send you on. I went with my two colleagues, @aplea and @neilkilbride (poor buggers, 3 days with me!).

The format was a day of workshops, 2 days of 1 hour grouped sessions and another day of workshops. We went for the first three days. It was my first ever paid conference (previously I’ve only been to Barcamps).

The highlights for me were the coding dojo, learning about Kanban, Ken Power’s talks, the partays, meeting cool people and an impromptu presentation on how to do BDD by Liz in a taxi on the way into Madrid. There’ll be lots of blog posts on it, but it was a really worthwhile experience.

Thanks to all who made it happen, the lovely attendees who made me feel so welcome. Looking forward to seeing you all again for a drink and much dancing.

What did you think?

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