How to use twitter: Part One.

It always amazes me the number of people who just don’t “get” how to use twitter, including several self-appointed “social media experts”.

Here’s a guide to how I use twitter (for a personal account) and a few pointers. Hopefully it’ll help at least someone. ( :

What is twitter for?

For me, twitter is about several things:

for me following people

I like twitter as I can keep an eye on what other people are saying. I follow people who say interesting or amusing things. My twitter feed enriches my life. As soon as someone’s tweets start getting skipped over when I’m reading my feed, they get unfollowed. I find myself skipping over tweets for several reasons:

  • they’re boring
  • they’re offensive
  • they add no value to my life
A lot of the people I follow are those I know in real life: People I have met at conferences, work, through roller derby, friends, family. These are people I want to know. There are still several people I want to know who I don’t follow because their twitter stream was rubbish. Sorry. More on this in part two.

for people following me

I use twitter as a micro-blogging service. I can either tweet what I’m up to, whatever pops into my brain, pictures of food, links to blog posts, photos of me sat on a unicorn (i.e. COOL THINGS), live tweet sound bytes / photos from conferences or events (with a hashtag so others at the event can see it). I also tweet quite heavily about digital events I organise, attend or think are pretty cool.

If you don’t like what I tweet about, unfollow me! I won’t take offence. It just means I’ll have to email or text you instead of DM’ing.

Part two up soon. ( :

4 thoughts on “How to use twitter: Part One.

  1. The only reason I sometimes unfollow you and then refollow later to see if you’ve changed your tune, is your incessant need to retweet anything about the area you live. THAT bores ME! 😉

    p.s. I love how your profile pic is still the book on Ruby I recommended you, hah.

    p.p.s. Attempting to log in with my twitter account tells me wordpress wants to access my direct messages?!? No way ho zay!

  2. Isn’t it funny how “social media experts” always seem to have the dullest tweets?

    I follow a lot of journalists and bloggers, so my twitter feed is like a continual stream of headlines. The news stories I get to read that way are a lot more interesting and reliable than I would get from the traditional news outlets.

    I also use Twitter to promote the geeky pub events that I organise and I follow people who are doing similar things, to find out which new speakers are on the scene and to get new ideas. As as result I’m helping to launch the new Reading branch of #MathsJam next month. That certainly wouldn’t have happened without Twitter.

    I’m sorry to say I did unfollow you but I still have your blog in my feed reader. I prefer the larger format ruby_gem 🙂

  3. There’s quite a few who prefer my full blog to my micro blogging. ( :

    Got a section on unfollowing coming up. Enjoy! Glad you’ve found a use for twitter and it’s lovely to have you stay in touch! I have a fb message of Ben to reply to!!!!

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