How to use twitter: Part Four

Twitter is not facebook

Who’s this following me?

My parents and someone who should know better often ask me “Who’s Emily Serender?” (I used a random name here, sorry Emily if you exist) to which I reply “Never heard of them. Why?” “They’re following me. You must know them.”. People may follow you as a result of me tweeting your name, but I don’t know everyone on twitter (i.e. the internets)! Also it could be becasue some other prolific tweeter is tweeting about or to you and their followers have found you. Unless your tweets are protected then anyone can see your tweets and decide if they want to follow you or not. They might randomly have come across you, twitter may have recommended you, you may have come up in conversation or (most likely) it’s a spam bot.

Private Account?

Private accounts are good if you want to know who reads your tweets (those you allow to follow you). Just remember, if you try to tweet an @ to someone who doesn’t follow you, they won’t see it! Your tweets are also not searchable on google (other searching sites are available). To set your account to be protected, log on to, click on “Settings”, scroll down to “Tweet Privacy” and check “Protect my tweets”. People will now have to request to follow you and you’ll get an email. Use to see if people are worth following.

Tweeting Celebs

Just because you follow a famous person, read all their tweets and feel that you know them (if they haven’t got a PA tweeting for them of course) and you decide to reply to one of their tweets, don’t get offended if they don’t reply or follow you back. They’re famous. They have hundreds of thousands or even millions of people doing the same thing. They may lose your tweet in the sheer magnitude. Although some famous people do. The lovely @steve___miller (off of Fat Families) sent me a thank you tweet and started following me just because I tweeted (whilst watching FF) that I loved him. Didn’t even mention his twitter handle. What a lovely man.

How to get more followers

Tweet interesting things that others will want to follow you for the content. This is as it should be. You get followed for content, not friendship. This isn’t facebook!


It’s ok! If you get unfollowed don’t take offence. I follow around 500 people. It gets busy. I try to keep my following list to around 300 and I generally read every single tweet. My time and attention is a valuable commodity. As are yours. It’s entirely the right of an individual to dip in and out of anyone’s twitter feed. Do not take it as a personal insult or slight. Twitter is not facebook! It’s micro blogging. Would you be bothered if everyone you knew wasn’t reading your blog? It’s content my friends. Tweeple are followers, not friends. (:

What did you think?

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