How to use twitter: Part 5

* Follow people who interest you
* Interact with people
* Tweet interesting stuff
* Use hashtags willy and indeed nilly
* Meet people in the twitterverse
* Manage who you follow
* Go private if you want to monitor who read your tweets
* Remember who reads your tweets (mum, friends, boss)

Do Not’s
* Expect replies
* take offence if someone unfollows you
* concentrate on your follower stats
* retweet someone who #ff’s you – the people in your feed already follow you. It’s just vanity.
* beg for followers to bolster your follower count.
* constantly tweet. People will get bored of you flooding their stream.
* expect someone to follow you back when you follow them.
* retweet an entire stream of feeds from another account in one go. If I wanted to know what that other account was tweeting, I would follow them.
* Think people you follow but haven’t met are your real life friends

Great things about Twitter
I meet awesome people! People in real life introduce themselves to me with “hi @ruby_gem I’m “. As I go to a lot of digital events, that’s really cool. I meet fabulous people I then follow and share ideas with. I get information in awesome bitesize chunks of around 140 chars. I’m on the bleeding edge of news as it happens. I choose what information I consume. I also got my job through twitter.

Bad things about Twitter
I meet less awesome people. Such is life. People get all mardy if you unfollow them. EVERYONE sees my tweets (colleagues, bosses, family, friends, strangers). Now I could go protected. I could block people. But I don’t. I like that people can see my twitter feed and make a decision as to whether I am worth following.

What did you think?

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