Skating a marathon

As many of you know last year I skated (more than*) a marathon! This took me 3 hours 20 minutes and after one lap in my quads I reverted to inlines.

This year I plan to do the marathon entirely in my beautiful Bont Quads in under 3 hours. It’s happening on 14th August and (aside from a lapse this last few weeks) I’ve been training hard. Even managed 12 miles whilst on holiday in Menorca!

So please Sponsor me! I’m raising money for Help for Heroes again. Not only does your money go to a great cause, but it also gives me the incentive I need to stay on the track and not give up!

I’ve already broken my target of £100 so thank you very, very much to those who have been generous enough to sponsor me so far. ( :

Just in case you didn’t know, a marathon is just over 26 miles (I have been asked!!!)

* I lost count of the number of laps and accidentally skated an extra one. So I did 29ish miles in 3 hours 40 in total which included breaks for changing skates, socks and a jaffa cake binge.

What did you think?

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