Goodwood Roller Marathon

Sunday 14th August I skated my second marathon.

It. Was. Awesome.

Last year I struggled. I managed one lap in my quads and it HURT! So I switched to my inlines. I don’t mind telling you that if I didn’t have over £300 worth of sponsorship then I would have thrown the towel in. I took a break halfway through to change my socks and throw a few jaffa cakes down my throat. I also lost count of my laps and ended up doing an extra one. If my friend Emma had not run onto the track to stop me I would have done another two!!! I completed the marathon in 3 hours 17 minutes and 53 seconds.

This year I had been in training. Going out in my lovely Bont boots for training with our NRG coach and speed skater Dave aka Jammie Dodger, along the Embankment in Nottingham, Southport promenade with Rachel of Superfunk and even managed an 11.5 mile skate on holiday in Menorca. I’ve been training with the NRG twice a week on top of this. I’ve lost about 1.5 stone simply through the exercise. I managed the Nottingham Skaters Wednesday Night Skate 4 minutes faster than last year. I knew I was lighter, fitter and stronger.

I was not expecting such an improvement though! I completed the marathon a whole hour faster and I really feel I could have pushed myself more. My time was 2 hours 23 minutes.

How I did it:
Equipment: Longboard Wheels, Bones Red bearings, Bont Boots, Roll line plates
Technique: Paceline with Tiny Temper for the most part and a lovely girl from Croyden for the last two laps. No breaks. Rhythm. Long strides.

I am completely sold by the paceline. We went so fast we were actually told to get into the fast lane at one point!

I’ve caught the bug. I absolutely love outdoor skating. I am pretty sure I can complete the marathon in 2 hours next year. I have already got plenty of others to skate in a paceline with (either the Nottingham Skaters or a few quad skaters from Superfunk Roller Disco).

Next I’m doing a half marathon in Berlin March next year. ( :

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