Preston Codejo

On the 28th November we’ll be holding the very first Preston Codejo! We plan this to be a monthly meetup where the Magma Digital office on Winckley Square in Preston tranforms into a Coding Dojo. Developers will meet to hone their skills by performing coding katas.

Katas are taken from the Japanese martial art practice of detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs. These katas are exercised at Dojos (training places) with the idea that the skills learned in the katas become second nature during a fight situation.

In a similar way we plan to use these katas to enhance our programming skills in the real world.

For the first session we’ll focus our kata on TDD by using a Randori (not the previously mentioned Rotisserie) format, solving a simple problem with Ruby.

What all this means is that we’re going to solve a simple problem by practising your TDD skills. Everyone will get to spend 5 minutes on the keyboard so we can all work together and hone our TDD skills as a group.

We’ll do this for a couple of hours then head over to Forum for a retrospective on the kata. Remember, it’s about us all learning from each other and getting better at our craft.

No previous knowledge of Ruby required (surprisingly, I have practically none!), you’ll pick it up easily enough and we have a great bunch of good Rubyists along to help us out.

Get your tickets here

Register for Inaugural Preston Codejo in Preston, Lancashire  on Eventbrite

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