Global Code Retreat – Manchester Episode


What is it?


3rd December is the Global Day of Coderetreat, with events happening all over the world in almost every timezone!


The point of a coderetreat is to escape the confines of work and to hone the craft of software developers and engineers by trying to solve a problem together. Learning from each other and ourselves. The format is to solve Conway’s Game Of Life by rotating pairs, doing TDD, practicing good techniques but most importantly learning from each other (


When is it?


December 3rd, 2011. Doors open at 08:30 (yes, in the morning!). The coding begins at 9:00am and will run until abot 5:30pm.


What to expect


FUN! At 9am we pair up and begin coding Conway’s Game of Life. Every 90 mins or so we swap pairs and  throw it away and start over. You will get an opportunity to pair with all these cool people!


Lunch will be provided. (Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor lunch or the bar!)


Do stay after 5:30 when the retreat ends for some drinking and socialising with your new friends.


What should I bring?


Please bring a laptop (the more the merrier!) ready to roll with your favourite development environment. Please also make sure you have git installed, so that you can make use of our starter projects on github.


Lunch will be provided, and there’s a bar where you can buy drinks all day.


Do I need to be a good programmer?


No. You’ll be able to find someone to pair with you in pretty much any programming language you choose. And we have ready-to-roll startup projects available in a huge variety of languages; see for details.


How can I find out more?




Sign Up:

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