Come and work at Late Rooms

I’ve been at Laterooms for a couple of months now and it’s certainly a challenge, and one I’m really enjoying. It’s a bigger team than any of my last jobs, which means I’m getting the opportunity to work in loads of different areas with a bunch of different people. My voice is heard, I’m involved in loads of initiatives (you’ll see one below) and the people here are awesome, both technically and socially.

We’re currently recruiting at, and put together this pretty cool video to show you what we do:

For me the other selling points are:

  • We have Kevin Rutherford in once a week, delivering coaching and training
  • We do loads of in house training in the form of workshops and katas at least once a week
  • I work with great people. They’re talented, passionate, driven and heavily involved in the local tech community.
  • Pub outings in the evening
  • Curry friday
  • Working closely with everyone involved in a feature. From idea to done.
  • Panoramic views of Manchester
  • Supportive, friendly atmosphere with proper northern banter
  • TDD, C#, Ruby, BDD and all that fun agile jazz!

So if you do fancy joining us, email me:

gemma dot cameron at laterooms dot com

What did you think?

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