Preston Codejo 2

Last night was the second Coding Dojo in Preston at the Magma Digital offices, run by myself and @phpcodemonkey.
This month the focus was TDD using Ruby. We performed the Checkout Kata (I’ll blog this later) with a Randori format for the first half (rotating a pair at the front with code projected at the front and audience participation) then split off into pairs to start the kata again from scratch.
We had a good turnout, around 20 people, and I would say it was a definite success! Especially the pairing in the second half. Everyone was so engrossed in solving the problem that they were reluctant to head to the pub for the retro!
Speaking of which, here are some of the things that came out of the retro

Retro actions

  • Have a source control and CI environment (Jeremy to setup) to see benefit of having a test suite – possibly need a bigger code base)
  • Randori for first half and pairing for second half worked well
  • Show and tell at the end
  • No one is wrong (except Tim)
  • Use RSPEC next time
  • Disussions on techniques and styles are fine to happen, but driver (one at the keyboard) has final say
  • Introductions as you stand up at the radori
  • Carry on with Ruby
  • Repeat the checkout kata

Future focuses

  • TDD from hell
  • BDD
  • TDD as if you meant it
  • Refactoring
  • Refucktorting
  • Start with a skeleton and build up tests as you go


_why’s poignant guide to Ruby
Ruby Koans – Geeky Crossword
Hackety hack

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