TEDx Salford

Last saturday saw the very first TEDx in Salford, and my brain is still buzzing.

The speakers were all* excellent and varied. We had an atronaut, explorers, a biologist, physicists, musicians, even a futurologist!

The full bios of the speakers can be found here


In all it was well worth the £65 ticket price, although I do hope that the organisers (all Salford Uni students!) do gather feedback for the event as there were quite of number of things which could easily be done better next year. I may sound harsh here, however as an event organiser myself I know I’d like the chance to improve things and I also know how easy these things would be to fix.

The highlights of the day for me:

  • The company; my good friend @seanhandley along with 3 colleagues from Late Rooms, including @hashpointfive (fellow salford uni comp sci 2005 

* barr two rather cringeworthy specimens

4 thoughts on “TEDx Salford

  1. Hi Ruby,

    I’ll have to mention that only the majority of the organisers were Salford Uni students 🙂 We had people from Oxford and Manchester as well.

    We are currently working on feedback forms. Will probably be handed out sometime next week.

    Thanks for the review! 🙂

    The IT guy.

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