IT’s not just for the boys

Had an epic day yesterday in London.

I was the guest speaker at IT’s not just for the boys. This is an event organised by Target Events and was sponsored by Thoughtworks, Logica, M&G and Bloomberg. Female university students were invited to apply to attend the event. Successful applicants were interviewed and invited to attend. An afternoon at the gorgeous Bloomberg offices with a previous event attendee sharing what she’d learned, myself as a senior female in the industry sharing my life story and a bit of advice I wanted to pass on, followed by skills workshops with each of the sponsors. This was followed by a Q&A with inspiring and successful ladies from each of the sponsoring companies. Each of them impressed me!

During the drinks after it was wonderful being approached by girls to tell me how I’d inspired them to get up, make things happen, go to events and believe in themselves.

One thing I shared with them is that, as women, we’re pretty bad at blowing our own trumpets. So I’m blowing mine now. I was flipping fantastic and I’m looking forward to really helping all the girls who took my contact details.

Girl Geek Warrior Princess Points +100

Huge thanks to Katie Partridge from Thoughtworks for inviting me along and to Late Rooms, my wonderful employers for supporting me in this. ( : Here’s my presentation if you are interested:

What did you think?

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