Pastures new

It’s that time again… new job! I’ve just completed my first few weeks at Allegro Networks Ltd.

I absolutely love it.

We’re a network carrier with big ideas. They’ve taken on myself and two other amazing developers (I can’t actually think of anyone better to work with) @bdwflowers (Young Ben – enthusiastic and raring to go with knowledge ) and @iainjmitchell (fellow codejo organiser – amazing dev, test and domain focussed, very experienced).

The big ideas make me, as a developer, very excited. This is completely greenfield. I get to talk to real customers who have an amazing idea. They’re passionate, enthusiastic, very smart and know their domain inside out. They’re also heavily involved in the tech community. Brilliant people. I’ve spent the last few weeks figuring out the problems, helping articulate the ideas, wireframing, creating personas, figuring out an MVP, coming up with features and exploding the idea into something truly awesome.

This is something I love to do. This is BDD. This is doing the ground work for when the lads start on 17th June so we can all hit the ground running. For the very first time I feel like I’m actually creating something properly.

Today I’m working in Tech Hub Manchester working on the first deploy.

The beauty of greenfield is that you get to choose your own stack. The risk is spending a lot of time choosing the right stack… But that wouldn’t be the lean way. Rather than deliberating and waiting for the lads to start so we can all reach a consensus, I’m just getting stuck in and throwing something out there quickly. We have source control. I’m learning new things. If we decide it’s not working let’s throw it away and start again. We can do this several times in the next few months if we want. As long as we lets tests and the behaviour drive, learn things, figure out the domain, it’s going to be incredibly simple and quick to re-do things in another language, a different CI, source control, framework, platform… anything. ^_^

Exciting times!