w/c 22nd September 2014

Busier week than usual!

Monday saw an interesting evolution of the re-architecture of our core domain at work. As we’ve learned more about our domain, and started feeling the pain from the external layers of our system, James and I have figured that things aren’t quite right. It started off as a realisation that all our apps were too tightly coupled to the database*.


The solution was to put an anti corruption layer around the DB and talk to it over HTTP. WHich we already do with Mongo, but this would be yet another layer of abstraction which would allow us to plug in a different DB provider.

From there we made a jump to bringing in a more concrete entity object which was currently squirrelled away in a few places in our domain. This led to the penny finally dropping with regards our hexagonal architecture:

Tuesday I spent the morning carrying on this idea and, from home, remotely working with James as the ideas and design evolved. We work together to  make important decisions by discussing them, but mostly code alone.

I left at 11 to pick up some shiny new HackManchester stickers en route to Salford Uni. I’ve still got good ties with the uni and they had asked me to speak to the students. First I was with the freshers, telling them of my journey from graduating in 2005 from Salford, to where I am now (http://prezi.com/uiarvqyhklw6/cs-salford-freshers/). Introduced the 2nd years to HackManchester using the lovely promo video made by AO.com last year. Heading home for 3pm I carried on with the morning’s work, distracted by the impending Ladies Who Code evening. I got a bit overwhelmed with all the work I had to catch up on and ended up missing out on curry night and a really interesting talk from the founder of Hassle.com ) :

Wednesday morning of work and afternoon working on the #xconfmcr talk with the help of James. Unfortunately had to miss CADO.

Thursday: #xconfmcr all day! I was speaking. Saw the end of Martin Fowler’s Key note which touched on everything from devops to micro services. I’ll have to storify my tweets to make some sense of it all. THursday evening was wine-fuelled baking for #coffeemorning

Friday: Macmillan Coffee morning punctuated by some pairing with James where we figured out a new path through the admin system when making quotes. All to do with our better understanding of the new customer entity. Also upgraded our dev VM’s to the latest ubuntu to escape from the newly found Bash vulnerability. We raised about £60 for charity!

* (something that’s been bothering me for a while) but the birth our new and improved Company Entity (following on from our realisation that companies in the RIPE database are not unique to their AS numbers, but to their names due to the one to many relationship)

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