WOOHOOOO! Allegro’s HQ is now in Silicon Valley!

So today we can announce that our company has been acquired by an awesome Silicon Valley based company IIX: http://www.iixpeering.net/, we’re backed by NEA, investors with a keen eye for The Next Big Thing. We’re absolutely delighted to be part of this awesome team!

The reason they bought is the reason I was brought in last summer: Snap.

The reason companies use us is to improve their network. They may want to get a direct connection from their server in a data center in London, to their database sat in Manchester, bypassing the public internet (and we all know the cost of latency). They may want to get a direct connection to a partner or provider (such as Amazon). Getting a more direct connection to somewhere or someone’s network reduces the number of hops which reduces latency. Other services we offer are connectivity to Internet Exchanges (like the motorways of the internet) or Transit Providers (the core building blocks of the internet).

Traditionally buying and acquiring these services has been a hassle. Everything is very old school and manual. You haggle with a real sales person, you sign and post/scan real paperwork and even the configuration is applied manually to devices by engineers. The whole process can go on for weeks or even months. Apart from Christmas, when there’s usually a config freeze whilst the engineers get some much needed rest.

Speed is important in this day and age. We’re in a retail age of instant gratification and purchasing things on Christmas Day.

Andy’s idea was to retailify (that’s a word) and automate all that. The benefit of automated delivery of these services is that it effectively becomes a ‘bandwidth on demand’ as a service (BaDAAS) and can revolutionise the interconnection world in the way that Elastic Cloud services has revolutionised storage, compute and server industries.

Other people have tried automating this, but no one has ever managed to pull it off.

We have; a team of 2 devs, 4 engineers and a load of new devices. In just 3 months.

In September 2013 we launched Snap:

We’ve come a long way since the launch, and it’s about to get a lot more exciting!

What did you think?

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