w/c 27th October 2014

Post HackManchester and acquisition week.

Unfortunately I contracted a terrible flu which rendered me useless. I spent the week laying on the sofa under a duvet and feeling sorry for myself.

On Thursday I attempted to work from home. It turned out the previous week I had made a breaking change and gone home for the weekend. Not good.

We test, we have good coverage, but all our microservices can end up with a chinese whispers effect. James and I decided that it would be a good idea to extract all our acceptance, watir driven tests into a seperate repo to run when anything is committed in the system as a quick-feedback sanity test.

I spent Thursday on it, and even attempted a trip to the office on Friday. Halfway through Thursday something broke. I battled and fought the flames until I eventually removed the gems folder in rvm and borked my VM. At that point James suggested it was a sign I should go home and go back to bed. Which is what I did.

What did you think?

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