Marketing innovation

In January I was invited to sit on the expert panel for Lean Agile Manchester. It was a great honour and a really interesting evening.

A few days before the event, the organiser contact myself and fellow panelists to invite us to bring marketing or promotional materials along. This stumped myself and the other Allegro dev @jjeffries. Our marketing expert had only left the company a week or two earlier. All we had to hand were business cards, but they’re a bit boring to leave out on a table next to sushi and beer.

I looked around the office for some inspiration. My eye rested on our wall of comics…

So we decided to make a small comic booklet explaining our company, what we did and why that would matter to the attendees. We anticipated that our audience would be developers from large, local organisations. So I made the following comic using bitstrips:


James remembered a cool origami technique to make a booklet:

Once folded and working, James numbered the pages and labelled the front and back. Now the challenge of getting that comic, in this book.

I had to print screen and manipulate the saved image to get each of my panes as separate image. These had to be numbered. I also created a front and back (note I had to make it three panes wide to be the same dimensions as the others):

Front and Back

I used a google doc in landscape to manipulate the images (some had to be wrapped, the others didn’t). Don’t forget the images along the bottom half of the A4 will need to be turned upside down.

And ta-da! The finished article:

IMG_3479 IMG_3480

They went down really well at the event. All 20 (we had 70 attendees) vanished and we were delighted with tweets of happy travellers joyfully reading them on the way home. I no longer had to explain what our company did, I didn’t have to drop in a cheeky “we’re hiring”. In fact, I think people were more delighted that they didn’t have to hear my voice any more [after the panel].

I had also deliberately not tweeted that we were hiring that week. Our google analytics showed spikes from my tweets. So we checked and the day after the event we had a good spike on the hiring page! So the experiment worked and we had fun.

Get in touch if you would like a comic sending your way and we’ll post it to you ( :

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