Shopping Cart Kata

Writing code is much like playing music, or roller derby. When you go into work, it’s like a concert or a bout. Can you imagine what a concert would be like if none of the musicians practiced? Or the carnage at a game if none of the skaters trained? Yet the majority of developers do… Read More Shopping Cart Kata

Pastures new

It’s that time again… new job! I’ve just completed my first few weeks at Allegro Networks Ltd. I absolutely love it. We’re a network carrier with big ideas. They’ve taken on myself and two other amazing developers (I can’t actually think of anyone better to work with) @bdwflowers (Young Ben – enthusiastic and raring to… Read More Pastures new

Why cancellation of @BritRuby made me a #sadpanda

Something truly sad happened this weekend. Brit Ruby was cancelled: The Ruby community has been battling with issues of race and gender equality. We at Brit Ruby were well aware of this fundamental and important issue. This was one of the reasons why we encouraged everyone to submit a speaker proposal. Sadly, Brit Ruby… Read More Why cancellation of @BritRuby made me a #sadpanda

Software Craftsmanship 2 – Pair Programming for Interviews

The morning session I chose was run by the event sponsor 7Digital and of special interest to me a it’s something we practise at LateRooms and have recently been evolving. Resources from the session: interview guide: katas: Firstly we were gathered into groups of 3 and asked to each take the role… Read More Software Craftsmanship 2 – Pair Programming for Interviews