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“Gemma’s arrival changes a team completely — for the better! She cuts through red tape and just gets things done. And when she’s done them, they stay done. She kickstarts and fosters community spirit, and encourages the team to explore new heights. I would not hesitate in recommending Gemma, or indeed in working with her again.”
— Kevin Rutherford, Extreme Programmer, Rutherford Software Ltd

email me: gemma.cameron@gmail.com


Need a good developer? I’ve got 10 years experience in different types of companies. Check my career and skills.

“I work with Gemma at Allegro Networks. Gemma has a great knack for breaking down complicated problems in simple ways. She’s always two steps ahead of everyone else in the room. Her design and refactoring skills are excellent and she has taught me a lot.”

— James Jeffries, Allegro Networks Ltd.


I’ve been running HackManchestet since 2012. I’m available for hire to help you get your own internal hackday off the ground.

“I worked with Gemma to support the branding and website development for Hack Manchester soon after its inception, and then in the weeks prior to the event. Her hard work and dedication clearly shone through on the weekend of the event; it was by far the best organised hack-day which I’ve attended, and I spoke to a lot of other attendees who felt the same.

Throughout, Gemma showed herself to be an extremely accomplished event manager; she was efficient in organising the event suppliers, effective at delegating responsibility when it was required, and a great communicator throughout.”

— Jon Atkinson, Technical Director at FARM Digital Ltd.


Looking to learn a new digital skill, look no further! I’ve successfully delivered workshops on CSS and HTML for complete beginners. I’m available to pair to help you get to grips with some new coding techniques, to improve your existing skills or work through some hard stuff. Want to build your own site or learn to code but no idea where to start? I can help there too.


I can help your team deliver value and move quickly.

Relationship Builder

Do your dev team refer to the rest of the company as The Business? Do you feel like asking for anything from the dev team is like throwing your ideas into a black hole? I build bridges and increase visibility. Communication improves, trust grows, delivery improves… Everyone’s happy!

Internal Startup Consultant

Wanting to set up a new part of the business? I can help there too!


I’ve got experience working in a startup and can help you if you want a bit of advice on where to start or even to get you an MVP out the door.

Community Engagement

I’ve spent 8 years working in the digital community and I’m well known. I have my finger on the pulse of the Manchester scene and have some great connections. Speak to me and see where I can help.