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“Gemma’s arrival changes a team completely — for the better! She cuts through red tape and just gets things done. And when she’s done them, they stay done. She kickstarts and fosters community spirit, and encourages the team to explore new heights. I would not hesitate in recommending Gemma, or indeed in working with her again.”

— Kevin Rutherford, Extreme Programmer, Rutherford Software Ltd

“I work with Gemma at Allegro Networks. Gemma has a great knack for breaking down complicated problems in simple ways. She’s always two steps ahead of everyone else in the room. Her design and refactoring skills are excellent and she has taught me a lot.”

— James Jeffries, Allegro Networks Ltd.

“Right, so if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about working with or hiring Gemma. So let me forewarn you – she’s a force of nature that will question every assumption, not let you sit on your laurels and will not settle for mediocrity. Even if you’re her mate she will not let you get away with letting standards drop (take that from me). If you end up having the privilege of working with Gemma you’ll learn that there’s never an excuse for accepting the status quo – no matter how lovely and warm the comfort zone is. In a word, Gemma is awesome.” September 27, 2012

Shaf Choudry, Project Manager/ Business Analyst,

“Gemma is a very strong developer and I have been impressed with her immensely since she joined the LateRooms team. She is very passionate about the work she does, and likes to make her opinions heard – often resulting in improvements in the way she and her team works. Gemma is a very strong driver for making the team think about the day to day tasks in a lean way – identifying waste and areas for improvement. She is an advocate for TDD and Paired Programming, and took a leading role in making the release process for the LateRooms team more automated. Gemma is a joy to work with, and whilst her passion and drive can be a challenge to manage, she is a living example of exactly why I enjoy what I do.”

— Lee Connolly, Software Development Manager,

“Gemma worked as an Application Developer on our Software Development Team. Along with an enthusiasm for development techniques, Gemma also brought experience of Continuous Integration to the team. She was constantly looking to improve herself and others.”

— Ellis Chaplin, Lead Software Developer, BAE Systems